Our community is supported through your contributions both donations and purchasing VIP packages. Your contributions aid in our mission to provide quality gaming experience to as many as possible. Your contributions make it possible for us to pratice the belief that there should never be a scenario that is outright ‘pay to play’ or ‘pay to win’ in which key features or aspects of the game are restricted to VIP only status. While we may restrict certain upgrades or provide special discounts and other benefits we will never restrict jobs or overpowered weapons exclusively for VIPs. Lastly we strongly are opposed to the concept of people paying in order to achieve a staff position. This creates multiple issues including the inability to properly vet a potential staff member and the inability to ensure that they are qualified to preform the aspects of the job. While it is possible to become a staff member as a VIP or to be a staff member who donates, the two are not linked together. Many communities that have donate for staff positions suffer from incompetent staff and instances of staff abuse on players. We strive to create a toxic free dramaless gaming experience. Thank you for considering our donation options. Questions regarding donation options should be directed to Jut or Zr970. 25% of all of our profits go to chairty!!

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